How to Keep Snakes Out of House or Yard

To keep snakes out of your house, do a full inspection of the building. Pay particular attention to the gaps under doors, including sliding or screen doors. Snakes can fit through pretty small areas, so if there's a gap, install weather stripping at the bottom of the door. Other than that, look for any holes on the outside of the home - maybe where pipes or wires go through the external walls, things like that. If there are any holes, seal them shut with caulk or Great Stuff hardening foam.

YARD: The easiest way to keep a snake away from your lawn or any part of your property is to make the area unattractive to the reptile. Snakes will look for areas favorable to continued survival. This means the snake will want sufficient shelter and food if it is to become a permanent resident. Unfortunately, many of the landscaping items we like to use as homeowners are also ideal objects for snakes to use for shelter. Keeping snakes out of your yard begins with proper lawn patrol. There are reasons why the snake is in your yard; it may be an abundance of food or an abundance of shelter. Usually an abundance of shelter will mean an abundance of insects, amphibians, and rodents. Snakes like vegetation. Long grass, thick gardens, and over-the-top landscaping are all great ways to entice in a serpent. Because they lack the internal ability to regulate their body temperatures, a property that offers rocks to warm on and shade to cool in will draw in snakes. Shelter is not the only reason a snake wants to be in your yard. Long grasses and lush gardens also mean lots of insects and other food sources. Anywhere a snake can wiggle under and den is a place that needs your attention. If property care is too daunting or not working, snakes can be trapped and removed. You should never attempt to handle a snake if you do not know what species you are dealing with. Not all venomous snakes are colorful, and not all colorful snakes are dangerous. Trapping is best left to an expert or to a glue trap. A few models have received professional endorsement can can be purchased online.

HOUSE: How to keep snakes out of your house - Snakes most often enter a home through cracks in the foundation, though some snakes are good climbers. For this reason, holes in the exterior of your home, at all levels, need to be found and repaired. This is not just good snake prevention, but sealing up your home will prevent other nuisance animals from coming in and causing damage. When you have repaired the holes in your foundation, purchase some recommended box traps. These traps are glue-based and have snake attractant dots on the inside. Create a barrier in the home to confine the snake to one room and place the trap inside. If the snake is not living in your home and has happened in through an open door or window, you can remove the snake by gently scooping it into a pillowcase. Handling the animal should only be done if you are confident you know the snake is not poisonous. The majority of all venomous snake bites occur because someone was trying to handle the snake that bit them. If you think the snake may be venomous or if you are not sure, call a professional. A snake trap may not be practical if the animal is in a main area of the home, like the kitchen. Snakes in area like this will also make good use of the underside of appliances. Professional assistance is advised.

You basically have two options for keeping out your snake(s), or removing them entirely. First, you can call a professional wildlife expert from my below directory. This person can catch and remove the snake(s) and take other actions necessary to solve the snake problem. Second, you can purchase a snake trap if you wish to catch the snake yourself.


We can solve your snake problem for you. Our nationwide group of snake specialists services 95% of the US population. Click here to find your local snake removal expert in your town. Below are just some of our more popular areas:

 Option 2 - BUY A SNAKE TRAP

If a snake is indoors, a trap will work. I do not recommend using a glue-based trap outdoors, because it can inhumanely catch other small critters. I have reviewed and field tested several snake trap designs, and the one featured below is the most durable and effective. It is the highest quality snake trap available on the market. Read more about Snake Trap.

For more information, go to my Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page.

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