How much does it cost for snake removal?

If you can successfully take care of your snake problem yourself, then of course it is free. But if you need help, then you'll have to pay for professional service. If you call a professional wildlife removal company to come to your home, the cost of the service fee and snake removal might be around $140 and up, depending on your area. Some companies might charge more, depending on various factors. Click the map below to hire a snake pro in your town. If you want to buy a snake trap the one that I recommend is $25, and there is a link to buy below. But remember, the trap takes 2-3 days to arrive, and a pro can be out the same day.

You basically have four options for getting rid of your snake(s). First, you can call a professional wildlife expert from my below directory. This person can catch and remove the snake(s) and take other actions necessary to solve the snake problem. Second, you can purchase a snake trap if you wish to catch the snake yourself. Third, you can modify your land and seal up your house to help keep snakes away and out of the house. Fourth, you can try a snake repellent. Most repellents cost $15-$20, but they are grade-A snake oil - totally bogus attempts to steal uninformed people's money.


We can solve your snake problem for you. Our nationwide group of snake specialists services 95% of the US population. Click here to find your local snake removal expert in your town. Below are just some of our more popular areas:

 Option 2 - BUY A SNAKE TRAP

If a snake is indoors, a trap will work. I do not recommend using a glue-based trap outdoors, because it can inhumanely catch other small critters. I have reviewed and field tested several snake trap designs, and the one featured below is the most durable and effective. It is the highest quality snake trap available on the market. Read more about Snake Trap.

 Option 4 - BUY A REPELLENT - waste of money!

As stated, these products are totally bogus. The ones containing mothballs just pollute. They are a waste of money.

If you need to hire a professional company to come and remove a snake for you, it will cost money, like any other service. However, the prices I charge, and the prices of the men I recommend on my website, are reasonable.

Typically, a snake removal job requires speed - the snake will not necessarily stick around all day until the company can schedule a service visit. Snake removal jobs mean that the wildlife professional has to drop what he is doing, and drive to the property immediately, thus disrupting his day's schedule. The time on-site for a snake removal job is usually not long - you capture the snake, and you're done. But it's the ability to be out there quickly that counts. For snake removal here in Orlando, I typically charge in the $120-$200 range, depending on factors such as driving distance, inconvenience, etc. I race over to the property, and ask the client to keep an eye on the snake and any movements. In the cases in which the snake has completely vacated by the time of my arrival, I set a snake trap or two, and then return for free when the snake is caught in the trap. Not everyone follows this practice, but I believe it's the best way to do the job.

I also provide a full snake prevention service for an average of $140 and up:
  • AA full property sweep to remove all snakes on the property, including any snake nests
  • the elimination of habitat and features on your property that attract snakes
  • an inspection of your house, and the sealing shut of all snake entry points
  • and I leave two snake traps on the property to catch any snakes present, with free return visits and removal of the trapped snakes.
The cost of snake removal work varies by company. I cannot guarantee the prices of any of the companies that I recommend, but if you need to know what they charge, just give 'em a call, and they'll let you know!

Once again, I just have to list the old information posted on this website long ago, when it was owned by a different man. It's just amazing stuff!

Snake Removal Site Service Consultation
Pricing and Information

The cost of using the Telephone Site Service Consultation during normal operating hours, which are M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM US Central Time (we are closed weekends and federal holidays) for a period of up to fifteen minutes, is $45.00 (forty five US dollars). If the client chooses to go beyond this fifteen-minute time frame then the rate drops to $2.00 (two US dollars) per minute thereafter. In areas where we offer our Site Service, the initial fee for the service consultation, up to $45.00, can be applied toward the cost of site service - provided we receive your faxed service contract within 2 business days of our telephone consultation. (Please note that should the service consultation extend beyond the 15-minute time frame covered by the service consultation fee, this additional time is billed at the reduced rate of $2.00 per minute, but this additional cost will not be applied towards the total on site service fee.)

Site Service Availability Clause
Like any other business, Snake Removal ® experiences staff turnover from time to time. This means that a client could be in a region where this turnover has occurred or they could be in a region that for one reason or another has never been staffed. While we can fly staff out to a site this has almost always been in association with larger commercial jobs the size of which justifies this undertaking. Most residential clients are not in a position to pay the cost ($3,000.00 per day plus travel.) Telephone service consultations coming from areas where no staff is available will, upon determination of this fact, be switched to a telephone snake consultation at the same rate, and with an additional 5 minutes included at no charge. If the client wishes to be sure that they are in a region where staff is available, they are encouraged to route their inquiry to us via our toll free number, 1-800-###-#### though this is often somewhat slower, particularly during our peak season.

Special after-hours and weekend telephone site service consultation rates
We understand that there are many who are not strangers to 80+ hour workweeks. No doubt they share our fondness for them. For those who are neck deep in clients or patients and can’t contort schedules to consult with one of our experts during our normal working hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM US Central Time, M-F) without losing clientele or being found in contempt by an impatient court, there is a solution, albeit a more expensive one. We require two days notice to schedule this service and cannot guarantee a callback without it. Special service consultation blocks cover a period of up to 1 hour. The cost is 150 dollars, and is not applicable toward the cost of site service. If 10 minutes are used, the fee is still 150 dollars. Obviously, it is considerably less costly to consult with us during normal business hours. Special service consultation blocks are available by appointment (with 48 hours notice) M-TH 6 PM to 10 PM US Central Time. They are also available on the same scheduled basis Saturdays between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM US Central Time.

Agreement of Consultation substitution
While the previously listed regions have been consistently staffed for several years there are times when ---despite our best efforts to be available-- that site service is unavailable even within these markets. Additionally, it must also be understood that it might be justified to accept one case that can often require a staff member to travel hundreds of miles round trip if the size/cost of a job is sufficient to justify this there are other jobs which may simply be too small to justify a similar undertaking and these jobs are therefore not accepted. In the event that there is no staff available or the size of the job to be done does not justify the deployment of staff to the your site, you( the client) herby agree to accept a Telephone Snake Consultation (see description of same) in lieu of the Telephone Site Service Consultation previously herein described at the same cost of $45 for a 15 minute consultation session. Consultations going beyond this 15 minute time frame shall be billed at the reduced rate of $2 per minute for every minute after the first 15 minutes have been used and will be debited from the same credit card upon completion of the session. There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind expressed or implied by the service provider and payment for service is not contingent upon results for same.

Snake removal - Snake removal does not have to be intimidating or difficult. In fact, when compared to a lot of other pest removal jobs, getting rid of snakes in your yard may not be that bad. The good thing about snakes is that they will not actively damage your home like a rodent. Snakes are not going to chew on wires or tear out insulation. Most people want snakes gone because the reptiles are a little scary and startle anyone who tries to walk through the yard. The most important part of snake removal is to know what kind of snake you are dealing with. Some snakes can be handled with the proper snake loop and your bare hands. Other snakes should be left to professional removal because they can kill you. Knowing the difference is very important. If you are unable to confidently determine what snake is in your yard, call out a professional or purchase one of the box traps endorsed by them. A good box trap will work for poisonous snakes, too. The cost of the trap is about the same as that of a worthless bottle of snake repellent and is much more reliable. You may want to speak with a professional about what to do after you catch the snake. Many reptiles can be handled in a pillowcase for easy transport.