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Florida has an abundance of snakes, from venomous pit vipers like copperheads or rattlers, to harmless snakes like rat snakes and garter snakes. Many of these snakes live in urban or neighborhood settings in the city of Jacksonville.

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I have spent my career talking with hundreds of snake removal guys throughout the USA, and I myself have personally trained dozens so far. In the city of Jacksonville, call our tech at 904-302-5617. He can usually come out same-day, often very quickly, to catch your unwanted snake(s). Areas Covered, by Town: Atlantic Beach, Crescent Beach, Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach, Green Cove Springs, Holly Hill, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Middleburg, New Smyma Beach, Neptune Beach, Orange Park, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Ponte Vedra, Port Orange, St. Augustine and all areas in between.

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We are a full service Jacksonville wildlife removal company specializing in snake control in Jacksonville. If our guy is not available, you can do a search for a different Jacksonville snake removal company, but be sure you are comfortable with their service and prices before you hire. Jacksonville snake control is of course a specialty field, and not every expert in you hire is the same - you don't want to hire a snake exterminator or pest control company, but a specialty Florida wild animal removal professional to provide you with Duval County FL snake removal help.

Common Snakes of Jacksonville, FL: The most common snakes in Jacksonville include rat snakes, garter snakes, and racers. In water, common water snakes. These are not dangerous. Venomous snakes of Jacksonville are rare and may include rattlesnakes or copperhead/cottonmouth. For a full description of all snake species in Jacksonville, with photos and identification of all poisonous species, visit www.jacksonvillesnakes.com

Jacksonville Florida Snake Situation: How to catch a snake in the house - Remember that a snake in the house, if there by accident, is going to be as afraid of you as you probably are of it. The snake wants to get outside, and sometimes all you have to do is steer it in that direction. You should never attempt to handle a snake if you don't know what species you are dealing with. A nonvenomous snake will be a lot less stressful to handle. A venomous snake should be left to the professionals. Be careful in harassing the snake too much. Even a non-lethal animal can strike out and bite. Many of these bites will bleed profusely and will be prone to secondary infection. Before you attempt to pick up the snake, make sure you have closed off any avenues of escape it may have. This will allow for you to grab the snake without too much hassle. Place the snake in a pillowcase and relocate the animal to an area with proper coverage and shelter. Snakes that enter a home because they are living in foundation cracks need to be taken off-property. The cracks need to be repaired or it is just a matter of time before new snakes discover the openings.

Hi, I loved your website it is very informative. We have been doing a lot of brush removal in or yard this spring and seem to have disturbed a nest of snakes. We usually see Garter snakes but these 3 did not look like that at all. I have been trying to find a picture of one and am having a hard time. In the mean time, I would like your professional opinion. These were juveniles 12" long. Blueish Grey body with black markings. It would try to strike and open it's mouth as if to bite. I will try and find it tomorrow and take a picture. Dana

Hi. Could you tell me what kind of snake this is? I've been looking at the water snakes you have pictures of but am still not sure. The kids have been seeing a lot of these when they are playing out by the sea-wall or kayaking in the "backyard". The water is brackish. I have told them to stay away from any snakes but would like to make sure it is not venomous. Thank you, Stephanie

Definitely not venomous. The two types of venomous water snake, the Cottonmouth and Copperhead, are extremely fat. That snake is, I don't know, "brown water snake" maybe.

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For more information on Jacksonville snake removal, identifying snakes of Duval County Florida, or general snake help, browse this site, or go to Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page. I wish you good luck with your Jacksonville snake problem!