Snake Photos

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Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Cottonmouth a.k.a. Water Moccassin Eastern Coral Snake Corn Snake a.k.a. Red Rat Snake

Eastern Garter Snake Black Racer Yellow Rat Snake Banded Water Snake

Burmese Python Red Tailed Boa Constrictor Pueblan Milk Snake Glass Lizard

Florida Scarlet Snake Florida Ringneck Snake Coachwhip Brown Water Snake

Closeup - Black Racer Closeup - Corn Snake Closeup - Garter Snake Closeup - Yellow Rat Snake

Closeup - Eastern Coral Snake Closeup - Florida Scarlet Snake Closeup - Pueblan Milk Snake Closeup - Brown Water Snake

Closeup - Juvenile Black Racer Closeup - Juvenile Corn Snake Closeup - Coachwhip Closeup - Banded Water Snake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Cottonmouth / Water Moccasin Eastern Coral Snake Garter Snake

Black Racer Yellow Rat Snake Corn Snake / Red Rat Snake Garden Snake

Juvenile Black Racer Juvenile Red Rat Snake Banded Water Snake Coachwhip

Florida Scarlet Snake Pine Woods Snake Brown Water Snake Florida Ringneck Snake

Ribbon Snake Glass Lizard (not a snake) Burmese Python (not native) Boa Constrictor (not native)

Pygmy Rattlesnake Florida Brown Snake Mud Snake Southern Hognose Snake

Blue Phase Eastern Garter - This is about as big as they get. Corn Snake / Red Rat Snake - Possibly Florida's prettiest snake. Eastern Diamondback - It will stand its ground, but don't approach it. Eastern Garter Snake - Note the color difference from the blue phase.

I caught this Boa Constrictor from an old couple's garage. This Cottonmouth is crawling up the snake hook - dangerously close. I hung this Pueblan Milk Snake on some phalanopsis orchids. The Pueblan was an incredible climber - right up the wall.

Corn Snakes are great climbers, and often crawl into attics. This little Corn Snake stands its ground - they're usually non-aggressive. Customer complained of snake noises in the attic, and sure enough, I caught this. Yes, I caught this Brown Water Snake at Carrottop's house.

It's a good idear to hang a deadly Coral Snake from your nose. A smaller Eastern Diamondback Rattler - always treat with caution. The Black Racer is the most common snake that I catch. There's four Black Racers in this pile o' snakes.

The juvenile Black Racer looks nothing like the adult. It darkens with age. This Eastern Coral Snake made the shape of a 1, a 2, a 5, a 6, an 8, but not a 9. This Cottonmouth was HUGE - over 5 feet long, and thick like a slug. The beautiful and deadly Eastern Diamondback, ready to strike.

I caught this faux pond serpent (fake lake snake) in 2003. Why do people like to kill snakes? They're harmless creatures. Here's my artsy-fartsy black and white snake photo. I caught this python and fed it a squirrel that I trapped.

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