Where can I get free snake removal?

The short answer is, if you want free snake removal, do it yourself! Or you can call in a friend or neighbor. In some rare cases the police or fire department might help, but most of the time they will be angry with you for wasting their time and calling about something they are not meant to handle. The city or county animal services won’t help – they deal with dogs and cats only.

So, one day you are going to your attic or getting something out of the closet and you realize that there is a snake in your house. You are terrified, and want to do all that you can to quickly get this creature out of your house and off your property. But what will you do?

If you honestly admit to yourself, you have no intention on getting this creature out on your own. This may be a venomous kind of snake, you are not sure, so you are not going to take the risk of getting out on your own. It’s just not safe, and that’s a reasonable assumption to make. There is nothing wrong with determining that safety should be your primary factor.

Your issue, however, is that you simply can’t afford to hire a service to come out to remove the snake for you. Depending upon the area you live in and the expertise of the organization that you would call, the price to have a snake removed from your home can be quite expensive. Maybe significantly more than you are able to afford.

This leaves you with two options. You can handle getting the snake out on your own, something you didn’t want to do in the first place, or you can try to find a place that will perform snake removal at no charge to you at all. The question then becomes where can you get free snake removal?

That may be a very difficult question to answer. The truth is that you are quite unlikely to find a place that will handle snake removal at no cost to you. Businesses aren’t readily going to offer free services like this, that is if they intend to stay in business. They are going to charge you and that may not work within your budget.

Don’t give up yet. There is a couple of things you can do to seek to find free snake removal. The first of these requires you to do a little research to determine the kind of snake that you have. If it is likely that you have a venomous kind of snake in your home, such as a copperhead or Rattlesnake, then your local animal control will most assuredly remove this reptile for you.

These are dangerous animals that require an expert to remove them. As a result, your city, county, or state agency that handles animal control will likely provide you with a professional that will do the job. They not only want to make sure that you are not bitten, but also want to ensure that the release of the snake is done properly. Call your local agency and they will likely help you.

That may handle if you have a venomous snake, but what if that is not the case? A great suggestion for you to look into is to contact your local college or university, specifically to their biology department. As part of the teaching of their classes they may be in need of getting snakes to use in lab or experimentation, and maybe more than willing to come out and pick up your snake for you, so that they can take it back to the school.

Simply call up the biology department at the University or College and asked to speak to one of the professors. Explain your circumstance and what kind of snake you likely believe it to be, and don’t be surprised if they are willing to send out a few students to handle the job for you. They are benefiting from getting a free specimen and you get the benefit of it being removed for free.

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