How to keep snakes out of my garden

A snake is one of the most unique creatures on earth because of the fact that it does not have appendages that enable it to move. Using its very strong muscles, a snake is able to navigate its way across the ground to move from one location to another. It is truly a unique and odd looking process that separates it from the vast majority of animals across the globe.

For most people, the way that a snake looks and moves makes it a little intimidating to them. They don’t like this look and find the slithering and scaly body of the creature to be scary if not outright gross. For this reason, they do all that they can to keep the snake away from their property.

This can be a real challenge, however. A snake can make getting rid of it a very difficult task especially when you are talking about the outside area around your home.

Many opt to put a garden on their property to save themselves some money and to have a fresh set of vegetables and fruit to be able to eat. It creates a wonderful meal or snack for you and your family that is fresh and tasty.

However, the garden can become more than a place to grow food. Many love their garden and care for it with the same kind of concern that they do for their pet. They faithfully care for that garden and ensure that weeds and bugs are nowhere near, protecting the fruit and vegetables that they are harvesting. It’s a beautiful love affair of sorts.

It’s also a very challenging one to keep other creatures from gaining access into the garden. One of the most difficult of these to exclude is the snake.

As mentioned, the unusual look of the snake makes it a rather odd creature for sure. However, it also makes it one that is difficult to keep away. Many snakes are quite small in terms of their diameter, so putting up fencing may not be the effective solution you thought it would be to keep these creatures out. So that may make you wonder how to keep snakes out of your garden?

While the fence is not necessarily the only solution, it is the place where you want to begin. Consider again that you cannot choose wire fencing where there are gaps. A snake will simply work its way through a gap in into your garden.

You should use solid wood planks, that are placed at least 6 inches below the surface of the ground and up to 36 inches above. This will keep the snake from being able to dig under your fence and will stop it from being able to get over. A snake cannot climb your fence but if it is too short in comparison to the length of the snake it can simply push its way over. 36 inches should be sufficient.

There are also several kinds of snake repellents that you can buy that are not hazardous to your fruits or vegetables, but can be placed along the outside of the fence to keep them away. These can be highly effective if used properly.

Lastly, don’t give the snakes a reason to want into your garden. Most of these reptiles are looking for bugs or rodents to devour for food. If you deny them these kinds of foods by treating your garden for bugs and keeping rodents out then you will effectively remove the snake’s desire to be in your garden. This may be the very best solution of all.

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Hi: We live in Charleston SC (Daniel Island) and recently saw a beautiful 3-4 foot copperhead crawl into the garden in the front of our house. Our neighbors had copperheads under a play house and a dog pen that your local tech took care of a year ago. So we know that they live in our area. I called your local tech who advised applying a repellent "like Snake Away" . . . . that is when I became confused. Your website clearly states that commercially available repellents DO NOT WORK for copperheads. Since this is the first time that we have seen a copperhead, is there anything that we should be doing. The house has no rock piles, wood piles or untended areas of brush. We do have numerous pine straw covered beds. And the only time that we ever saw rats was when we had a bird feeder . . . the bird feeder was taken down and the rats have not been seen since. Based on you website recommendations, I think that we should simply watch carefully. But that is not completely comfortable when we have our 3 year old granddaughter come to visit . . . she loves the yard. So please help a confused grandfather. Thank you

My response: Repellents don't work for any snakes. Then again, I've seen thousands of snakes in my life, and I've never seen a single copperhead. I'd love to. It's the most commonly mis-identified snake in America.