New York City Snake Removal

New York has an abundance of snakes, from venomous pit vipers like copperheads or rattlers, to harmless snakes like rat snakes and garter snakes. Many of these snakes live in urban or neighborhood settings in the city of New York City.

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I have spent my career talking with hundreds of snake removal guys throughout the USA, and I myself have personally trained dozens so far. In the city of New York City, call our tech at 347-650-2446. He can usually come out same-day, often very quickly, to catch your unwanted snake(s). We service all of New York City, including Manhattan animal control, Brooklyn Pest Control, Queens wildlife removal, and Bronx animal trapping.

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We are a full service New York City wildlife removal company specializing in snake control in New York City. If our guy is not available, you can do a search for a different New York City snake removal company, but be sure you are comfortable with their service and prices before you hire. New York City snake control is of course a specialty field, and not every expert in you hire is the same - you don't want to hire a snake exterminator or pest control company, but a specialty New York wild animal removal professional to provide you with Kings County NY snake removal help.

Common Snakes of New York City, NY: The most common snakes in New York City include rat snakes, garter snakes, and racers. In water, common water snakes. These are not dangerous. Venomous snakes of New York City are rare and may include rattlesnakes or copperhead/cottonmouth. For a full description of all snake species in New York City, with photos and identification of all poisonous species, visit

New York City New York Snake Situation: Hello. I live in the Bronx. A snake just started living under my front step. It dug a 1.5 inch diameter hole which faces directly towards the entry way, and occasionally sticks it's head out when people approach the steps. I am concerned that it is in a perfect position to launch out of its hole and bite someone-- a perfect ambush location. What service in Loudoun county can come to my house and remove the snake?

We have a place in NYC and found a bunch of garter snakes living in the insulation in the exterior walls and under the house. Have you ever seen a garter snake infestation? I am not sure if there are only some or there are more under the house. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. It made for an interesting crawl through my attic searching for the source of a leaky roof this morning. Then I had to get it downstairs without my wife and kids seeing it lol. We are in Brooklyn NYC, and my neighbor cut down a TON of overgrown neglected "grass" on his property about 2 months ago. In the process he killed 8 copperhead and threw another 8 black snakes/or rat snakes in his brush pile alive. Within a few days I saw and caught a mouse in my house. Put glue traps down and got one more the next morning. Haven't seen anymore in the past 4-5 weeks. Now I found this shed in my attic. what kind of snake is it? I have two preschool kids in the house and the mice and snake could have easily gotten in during some remodeling recently. Will he just eat all the mice quickly and then leave or will he take forever to eat them? I wouldn't mind letting him stay up there eating any mice he can find and then sealing up the house really good and trying to trap him later as long as he won't flip out and bite me while I'm working in the attic or harming one of the kids. Thanks for any advice.

For more information on New York City snake removal, identifying snakes of Kings County New York, or general snake help, browse this site, or go to Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page. I wish you good luck with your New York City snake problem!