Nashville Snake Removal

Tennessee has an abundance of snakes, from venomous pit vipers like copperheads or rattlers, to harmless snakes like rat snakes and garter snakes. Many of these snakes live in urban or neighborhood settings in the city of Nashville.

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I have spent my career talking with hundreds of snake removal guys throughout the USA, and I myself have personally trained dozens so far. In the city of Nashville, call our tech at 615-814-8501. He can usually come out same-day, often very quickly, to catch your unwanted snake(s). We service the greater Nashville area, including Franklin, Brentwood, and more.

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We are a full service Nashville wildlife removal company specializing in snake control in Nashville. If our guy is not available, you can do a search for a different Nashville snake removal company, but be sure you are comfortable with their service and prices before you hire. Nashville snake control is of course a specialty field, and not every expert in you hire is the same - you don't want to hire a snake exterminator or pest control company, but a specialty Tennessee wild animal removal professional to provide you with Davidson County TN snake removal help.

Common Snakes of Nashville, TN: The most common snakes in Nashville include rat snakes, garter snakes, and racers. In water, common water snakes. These are not dangerous. Venomous snakes of Nashville are rare and may include rattlesnakes or copperhead/cottonmouth. For a full description of all snake species in Nashville, with photos and identification of all poisonous species, visit

Nashville Tennessee Snake Situation: Good afternoon David, I have enjoyed reading your posts on your webpage. I live on a farm in Nashville TN and recently discovered that I have a black rat snake problem in the old unfinished basement of my farmhouse. I think that I have isolated the gap where they come in and will be sealing it with that expanding foam tomorrow. I captured 3 snakes today (about 36 inches in length) with a home made grabber thingy' (my son's name for it) and carried them out to the field and let them go. I have two questions for ya'. First off, the daytime temps are in the 70's and nights are in the low 50's and my theory is that the snakes may be able to use their tongue and are using it to detect and go in search of warmth. This afternoon I saw a snake leisurely cruising across my yard and heading under the deck to the boarded up basement window where the gap is. I caught him with my grabber thingy before he could get under the deck and to my window. Question #1 is: How in the heck do they know where to go to find that window and potentially a warm place? I wonder if they leave a scent trail of some sort b/c I have caught snakes before in my basement and I wonder if the same ole snakes just keep coming back. Or alternatively, Its like they all have a twitter account and one of the snakes put the word out.... " go to the deck on the SW corner of the Biermann farmhouse and look for the boarded up window under the deck and crawl in thru the gap and take a left and look for the snake orgy up on the ledge/sill plate. I have caught enough of these snakes now that I am getting slightly more bold. So question #2 is this. If I handle them with care and get bit on a forearm w/ a heavy sweatshirt on, or bit on the hand with a leather glove, how much does it hurt? It's just not worth it to me to get so much as a nice hard pinch' on my skin just for the novelty of handling a snake. There is NO doubt that they are black rat snakes and if I was real ambitious I would attach a few pics but trust me, that's what they are.... Thanks for all your info and best of luck to you.

For more information on Nashville snake removal, identifying snakes of Davidson County Tennessee, or general snake help, browse this site, or go to Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page. I wish you good luck with your Nashville snake problem!