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Ohio has an abundance of snakes, from venomous pit vipers like copperheads or rattlers, to harmless snakes like rat snakes and garter snakes. Many of these snakes live in urban or neighborhood settings in the city of Canton.

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I have spent my career talking with hundreds of snake removal guys throughout the USA, and I myself have personally trained dozens so far. In the city of Canton, call our tech at 440-527-6300. He can usually come out same-day, often very quickly, to catch your unwanted snake(s). We service from Massillon, Perry Heights, North Canton, east to Louisville, and the surrounding area.

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We are a full service Canton wildlife removal company specializing in snake control in Canton. If our guy is not available, you can do a search for a different Canton snake removal company, but be sure you are comfortable with their service and prices before you hire. Canton snake control is of course a specialty field, and not every expert in you hire is the same - you don't want to hire a snake exterminator or pest control company, but a specialty Ohio wild animal removal professional to provide you with Stark County OH snake removal help.

Common Snakes of Canton, OH: The most common snakes in Canton include rat snakes, garter snakes, and racers. In water, common water snakes. These are not dangerous. Venomous snakes of Canton are rare and may include rattlesnakes or copperhead/cottonmouth. For a full description of all snake species in Canton, with photos and identification of all poisonous species, visit

Canton Ohio Snake Situation: Hello, My name is Esther and I was wondering if there are any copperheads in Canton, Ohio. I live in Canton and I was told by some people that they saw copperheads in our neighborhood and I am not sure if this is really true or not.If you guys have examined Millersburg before. Could you please tell me if you have found anything in this area before and If you haven't checked our neighborhood is there a possible chance you could come to check our area and see if there really is any copperheads around our area.I would like to have our neighborhood checked because I have a small son and I wouldn't want him to be bitten by a snake by any chance especially a poisonous one.I wasn't there and I never saw the snake they saw.I saw a snake one day when my son was playing outside but I didn't go close to look at it because I was afraid of it.Do you guys charge to go to these areas to check for these snakes?Can you email me back soon to let me know for sure if we have Copperheads in Canton, Ohio town?

Hi my wife found what she believes to be a snake trail in our backyard in Canton OH from our fence to our foundation. Do you guys do any sort of free inspections? We've never seen one around since living here but I know it could be possible.

I had a snake in my home last night. I freaked out and killed it. I'm not sure at this point if there is a possibility of more snakes. Other than checking for places on the exterior of our home that it could have entered through, do you have any suggestions? Should I have my home checked out by an expert to look for signs of more snakes? Thanks, I have no idea who else to contact.

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For more information on Canton snake removal, identifying snakes of Stark County Ohio, or general snake help, browse this site, or go to Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page. I wish you good luck with your Canton snake problem!