Annapolis Snake Removal

Maryland has an abundance of snakes, from venomous pit vipers like copperheads or rattlers, to harmless snakes like rat snakes and garter snakes. Many of these snakes live in urban or neighborhood settings in the city of Annapolis.

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I have spent my career talking with hundreds of snake removal guys throughout the USA, and I myself have personally trained dozens so far. In the city of Annapolis, call our tech at 410-774-5789. He can usually come out same-day, often very quickly, to catch your unwanted snake(s). Our service range includes the greater Washington District of Columbia area, including the suburbs and several towns, including wildlife animal control in Clinton, Upper Marlboro, Bowie, Waldorf, Mechanicsville, Fort Washington, Leonardtown, St. Charles, and more.

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We are a full service Annapolis wildlife removal company specializing in snake control in Annapolis. If our guy is not available, you can do a search for a different Annapolis snake removal company, but be sure you are comfortable with their service and prices before you hire. Annapolis snake control is of course a specialty field, and not every expert in you hire is the same - you don't want to hire a snake exterminator or pest control company, but a specialty Maryland wild animal removal professional to provide you with Anne Arundel County MD snake removal help.

Common Snakes of Annapolis, MD: The most common snakes in Annapolis include rat snakes, garter snakes, and racers. In water, common water snakes. These are not dangerous. Venomous snakes of Annapolis are rare and may include rattlesnakes or copperhead/cottonmouth. For a full description of all snake species in Annapolis, with photos and identification of all poisonous species, visit

Annapolis Maryland Snake Situation: Attached is a couple pictures of the snake skin found in our yard. It is 41 inches long. Found in Central Maryland. We live a couple miles out of town in a small development. We have very sandy soil, lots of pine trees & shruby type woods areas all around us. Our yard is completely cleared with a few shrubs, a couple palm trees and some flowers and we have a privacy fence around our back yard where it was found. Please let me know if you need any additional photos. We actually in Annapolis. I didnt realize you were in Orlando when I replyed toyour website email address. We just want to know what we are dealing with since we have 2 kids that play in our back yard all the time.

Not long ago I was hiking in central maryland. I stopped to leash my dog and was distracted by a noise to my left. I saw what I took to be a rattle snake coiled in strike position it was maybe 3 feet in length. It was thumping its tail and hissing and had its mouth wide open. The back was black and appeared to have a pattern underlying the darker scales. could this have been a cotton mouth? there were no rattles on the end of the tail but it was thumping it. It's the hissing w/ the mouth wide open that confused me.

Hi, My names konyard. I just wanted to ask a couple questions not regarding animal control, But about field herping. I have some friends coming down from New York to go herping with me in various places. I've already chosen two places but I need a couple more. Now here's my question, are there any good snake spots in Polk County Fl consisting of Mud snakes, Corn and other rat snakes, Kingsnakes, and garter snakes, Ohh and pine snakes? Please Help if You do know,Thank You

My response: I'm not a true herper. I only see snakes when customers call me with them on their property. I know nothing about finding them in the wild. Sorry.

For more information on Annapolis snake removal, identifying snakes of Anne Arundel County Maryland, or general snake help, browse this site, or go to Snake Removal - How to Get Rid of Snakes home page. I wish you good luck with your Annapolis snake problem!